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I sometimes wonder how much of our life spent in metropolitans, crowded malls, chaotic traffic, takes away from our soul, and the pure joy of life. In our youthful days, our ambition to achieve and conquer the world makes us to become consumers, forever seeking to receive rather than give. We being part of nature behave differently from the other creation, just because we do not understand nature enough, right from our childhood days have disconnected from nature, our appreciation of nature diminishes as we grow older seeking the material world, using nature as a one day affair we consume to relax. We have developed from riding bicycles to flying jets today, but this is not sustainable, we have consumed the planet in the name of development. Take for example our need to stay connected and communicate has taken a complete new meaning today, the communication has become meaningless but the modes of communication have evolved to a new high, which we much appreciate and talk about each day. We have forgotten that peacocks singing indicating arrival of rain, a rooster’s call announcing the day break, hens returning to their coop every evening by the clock telling us the evening has arrived, this is how nature communicates. Most of the scientific discoveries and marvels achieved by us have been through the study of nature, yet nature is something we destroy.

Come, let’s celebrate, become one with nature and find the place we belong. Some time spent away from this madness, in the lap of nature, where time stands still, where nature unfolds the miracles of day and night, spring and summer, rain and heat, a seed turning to a sapling, scent of a beautiful flower and a peacock feather painted in most glorious colors and shades, a rainbow in its full glory should fill your souls with richness.

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