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  • Farm Tours

PRAKRITI Farm tours are targeted towards creating Environmental and Conservation awareness amongst school children. We have designed a standard half day and a full day tour for different age groups. A very basic half day tours is targeted towards children below the age group of 14years where we take them on a farm tour and educate them on the biodiversity of the lower Shivalik hills and show them some of the conservation initiatives & Organic Farming practiced on the farm. They get an opportunity to touch and feel the natural environment, spend time with the farm birds (chicken penn) and cattle to understand the animal behavior.

Our day tours are more intense and are best suited for children between the age group of 9-18years. This standard tour can be customized, in collaboration with the school faculty to educate the children on more relevant (to them as per their curriculum) areas of conservation and biodiversity along with having the children conduct experiments on the farm. We offer a sumptuous farm cooked meal for the children and engage them in group sports and other activity followed by planting a sapling on the farm, which will carry the name of the school that planted the sapling. Also we engage kids in tree plantation during the planting season (Feb-April & July – September), where they will actually work on the farm for a day, will be provided tea/drinks and one meal and be given all the planting material, interested schools can participate in the activity.

We also specialize in (EVM)/Environmental/ Historical and Geographical educational tours for students, these tours are 2-4 day tours, where the students stay on the farm for minimum 2 nights and the tour is tailor made to the school and curriculum requirements.

The best period to visit us is from September to April of each year, we are not for profit and the tour fee we charge is towards sustaining our conservation efforts and upkeep of the farm. Call us now to plan your next visit.

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